Ash Tree Removals

We work very closely with a local crane company, Bob’s Crane Service, to help facilitate large, hard to reach, and/or hazardous removals. On this particular foggy day, we were removing Ash trees heavily infested with Emerald Ash Borer from a property. This was a multi-day removal that was completed with ease and care thanks to the crane.

Hazardous Cucumber Magnolia

Several months ago, we completed a Risk Assessment on a Cucumber Magnolia. Upon the completion of this assessment, it was determined to remove the tree due to a severe cavity in the canopy that would not be able to be mitigated any other way. We had a tight alley to work in, but with the help of Bob’s Crane Service, we were able to remove the tree safely.

Japanese Maple Relocation

A large Japanese Maple needed to be relocated so we took on the project to save this important tree. With a little help from the excavator, the root ball was dug and laced. When the crane arrived, we turned our attention to squeezing it into position to pick the 6,000-pound tree (including the root ball). Once up, it was swung approximately 40 feet to its new home where it will be able to thrive.

April Showers Bring May…Trees?!

This rainy day gave us a great time to get set up for the next few weeks of planting. We spent the day hauling 90 trees from the nursery to the job sites around our area to be planted.