Cable / Bracing

Tree failures are often associated with defects or conditions that weaken tree structure. When tree failure is determined possible to impact a target and cause damage, it might be necessary to recommend tree removal or the installation of a tree support system and extensive pruning to reduce risk. Keep in mind, that not all risk can be mitigated by installation of a tree support system.

Cables are installed to restrict the distance that branches can move in relation to each other. There are two types of cables:

  • Static Support Systems – anchored to branches by steel and eye bolts
  • Dynamic Support Systems – a form of rope that is spliced around a stem. This type of support system is non-invasive.

Bracing can be used to fasten together a union or branch that is split or cracked. Brace rods are used to reduce the risk of two or more leaders spreading apart or moving sideways in relation to each other in conjunction with support systems and pruning. Periodic inspections are necessary by a Certified Arborist to be sure that the support system is working correctly and no adjustments need to be made.